Lidl supports Jigsaw

And Jigsaw help us all to find ways to support our mental health, so that we can be there to support our young people.
We first partnered with Jigsaw in 2018 and have pledged to raise €1million, as well as increasing vital awareness, for youth mental health in Ireland.  To date, we have raised over €1.7m for Jigsaw.

Through this partnership, we want to positively contribute to the communities in which we live and operate. We have already achieved so much.  We have funded new innovative programs and delivered national campaigns to support young people, and promote youth mental health, including;

  • OneGoodSchoolTM -  We have committed all of our funds raised to Jigsaw’s national One Good School TM programme, supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people by developing a shared responsibility for mental health across the whole school community. 
  • OneGoodAdult®  - We have prioritised raising awareness of the role adults can all play in supporting youth mental health and how the power of listening can support a young person close to you, more than you know. This message has been prioritised through our stores, products and communications.
  • OneGoodClub TM -  In association with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA), the One Good ClubTM programme is a five-step youth mental health awareness programme for LGFA clubs which we have rolled out across the 26 counties of the republic since 2020.
  • OneGoodManagerTM - Is a bespoke series of mental health talks and workshops for Lidl staff.
  • OneGoodCommunityTM - Is a five-step mental health awareness initiative which brings communities across Ireland together to better support each other by engaging in activities that can promote positive mental health and wellbeing.  We have piloted this program in three communities in 2022.

But we need you, now more than ever…

Because Jigsaw need all our help now more than ever to support young people, their parents, family members, friends, teachers, coaches and communities facing difficulties with their mental health.  

Jigsaw are here to help and support young people and their families through these challenging times. But demand for their services continues to grow and we in Lidl are supporting Jigsaw to be ready to meet it. We need you to join with us too, so we can all be there for our young people, now more than ever.

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